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What is a Certificate of Good Standing

A Good Standing letter, also known as a Certificate of Existence, is a document issued by the secretary of state that certifies that a company is in good standing with the state. It specifies when the business was incorporated, whether it is in good standing with the state as a corporation or LLC, and whether its taxes are up to date read about what is an LLC.

In most cases, a certificate of good standing is only required if someone you do business with asks for it. Before a company bank account may be opened, financial institutions frequently demand a certificate of good standing.

Many organizations and agencies may demand a Certificate of Good Standing for various reasons: to set up a corporate bank account, buy or sell real estate, obtain a loan, acquire a Certificate of Authority to operate in another state, or merge with another company. Authorities will generally accept it as proof that the business is valid for 30-60 days after the issue

Due to the time sensitivity of the Certificate, it is better to order one when you'll need it. If necessary.

This certificate can be issued only for companies in good standing with the state.

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