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Whether you’re looking to form an LLC or keep compliant, we can handle all of the paperwork for you on your behalf.  Worry-free service at an affordable price so you can concentrate on growing your business!

Registered Agent

All LLCs must have a Registered Agent on file with the State, by law. A Registered Agent is an individual or a company that you choose to receive important documents on behalf of your company, such as service of process, state correspondence, tax and legal documents.   Please visit HERE to learn more about Registered Agent compliance requirements.

BusinessRegistration will charge a one time initiation fee of $70 and a monthly subscription of $10 per month.

Initiation Fee + $10 Per month


An Amendment is an official document notifying the Secretary of State that a change to an LLC's original business formation documentation is necessary.  A change of an LLC name or address, a change in business activities, or any other change requires that an Amendment be filed. 

We will prepare and file the Amendment paperwork with the appropriate government agencies to make the change required for your LLC.


$49 +State Fees

DBA ("Doing Business As") or Trade Name

DBA, which stands for "doing business as," refers to the trade or fictitious name of a company. Filing for a DBA allows a business to use a name other than the business name originally filed during inception. 

We will prepare and file the DBA paperwork for your entity with the appropriate government agencies.


$49 + State fees

Annual Report

An Annual Report provides information about an LLC's operational and financial activities over the past year.  The report must be filed each year with the Secretary of State on the LLC's due date.  Failure to file by the deadline revokes a company's Good Standing and often requires payment of late fees which are more than the cost to file the report on time. 

We will provide you with a customized Annual Report for your LLC, obtain your approval, and then file the document prior to your annual deadline with the appropriate government agencies.


$59 +State Fees

Certificate of Good Standing

A Certificate of Good Standing is an official document from the Secretary of State certifying that an LLC can legally conduct business in that State and is up-to-date with all required State and governmental document filings.  Often required by financial institutions, a Certificate of Good Standing is helpful when renting a commercial space, opening a business bank account, purchasing business insurance, or applying for a business loan. 

We will prepare and file the paperwork with the the relevant State or states to obtain a Certificate of Good Standing for your LLC.


$39 + State fees


LLC (Limited Liability Company)

An LLC or Limited Liability Company, is a legal business entity that allows an individual, or two or more people to own and operate a business.  An LLC provides personal asset protection from business debts and liabilities and is easy to maintain, requiring few business formalities.

We will prepare and file all business formation documents for your LLC with the appropriate State and governmental agencies.


Free + State fees

 EIN Number

An  EIN is a 9-digit number that is assigned to your LLC by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and stands for the Employer Identification Number (EIN).  It is essentially the social security number of a business.  The EIN number is required to open a business banking account and may be required to purchase goods at wholesale price.

We will prepare and file the paperwork to obtain an EIN for your LLC.



LLC Operating Agreement

An LLC Operating Agreement is a written set of rules that govern the internal workings and financial decisions of an LLC.  The agreement outlines the LLC's management structure, each person's roles and responsibilities, the percentage of equity among owners, the allocation of profits, losses, distributions, and more guidelines about the business' operation. 

Our LLC Operating Agreement template is customizable to fit your business' operation.



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