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Here are the answers to common questions that we receive here at BusinessRegistration. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Can a corporation own another corporation?
    Yes. A corporation can own another corporation and can purchase it using the first corporation's stock. This is yet another advantage of owning a corporation. In fact, under current IRS regulations, even subchapter S corporations (S-Corps) can own and control major portions of affiliated companies.
  • Do i need to have a registered agent?
    Yes. You must have an address to where all your legal notices will be sent in the state where your business is in operation. If your business operates in multiple states then you must have a registered agent in each one of those states.
  • Can i change the name of my entity in the future?
    Yes. We can definatly take care of that for you.
  • Which endings are not allowed for limited liability companies?
    Your LLC name cannot contain the words "Bank," "University" or "College."
  • What does LLC stands for?
    Limited libility companey.
  • What does EIN stands for?
    Employer identification number.
  • As a licensed professional, do I form an LLC or a corporation?"
    The answer to this question varies based on your state’s licensing board and the type of profession—some states require that you form an LLC, while others require that you form a corporation. Please contact your state’s licensing board directly to find out the requirements for your profession.
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